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The Revolutionary Composer

Creating in the age of absolute height for Viennese classicism, represented by Haydn and Mozart, Beethoven firmly took over the traditions instituted up to then, creatively and brilliantly developing them, expanding the outlines of classical forms by using new patterns, specific to his epoque, thus bringing powerful dynamism to music. Through his unique language he managed to take music out of the intimacy of bourgeois saloons.
     He gave programmatic significance to several of his works: Symphony No. 3 (Eroica), Symphony No.6 (Pastorale) and the overtures Coriolanus and Egmont.

Beethoven's Compositions

His creation encloses works like: the Opera Fidelio, the ballet Prometheus' Creatures, the stage music for Goethe’s Egmont, Kotzebue’s The Ruins of Athens and King Stephen, the vocal symphonic works Jesus on the Mount of Olives, the Fantasy for piano, choir and orchestra, Missa solemnis, symphonic works (9 symphonies, dances and overtures), five piano concertos, a violin concerto, a triple concerto for piano, violin and cello, 10 sonatas for violin, 4 sonatas for cello and piano and 32 sonatas for piano.
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Seen in its general context, Beethoven’s music is and will always be present in the world’s musical creation because it proved that man must not surrender to the adversities of life and that art is a superior form of domination of human nature.
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