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Best 5 Beethoven Books on Amazon

1.Beethoven: The Universal Composer by Edmund Morris

2.Beethoven by Maynard Solomon

3.Beethoven: The Music and the Life by Lewis Lockwood

4.Late Beethoven: Music, Thought, Imagination by Maynard Solomon

5.Beethoven as I Knew Him by Anton Felix Schindler

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Beethoven's life and Major Events in Chronological Order

1770, December 16th - Ludwig van Beethoven is born in Bonn. He was the son of Johann van Beethoven, tenor and violinist at the court of the Elector Prince of Cologne.

1778, March 26th - Has his first public concert.

1780 - Becomes Neefe’s student.

1783 - Successfully replaces Neefe at the court. He also, publishes a sonata, 2 pieces of the Bossles anthology, a fugue and a rondo.

1784 - Composes a rondo and a piano concerto

1785 - Composes 3 quartets.

1787, March - Leaves Bonn. On the 7th of April arrives in Vienna and meets Mozart.

1787, July 17th - Returns to Bonn. His mother dies.

1789, May 14th - Enrolls at the Bonn University.

1790 - Composes 2 cantatas: one when Joseph the 2nd dies and when Leopold the 2nd is made emperor. He also, composes a bale.

1791 - Writes a fragment of a violin concerto. On December 5th Mozart dies

1792 - Composes a string trio. Around the 2nd or 3rd of November Beethoven leaves for Vienna. He arrives there on the 10th of November. On the 18th of December his father dies.

1793 - Becomes Haydn’s pupil

1794 - The first symptoms of the deafness appear. Composes a trio for piano, Op.1. On the 29th of March, he holds his first concerto at The Burgtheater.

1796 - February-June - goes to Nuremberg, Prague, Dresden and Berlin, where he composes the Sonata for Violoncello Op.5. He also composes the sonata for Piano Op.2.

1797 - Composes the Piano Sonata No.4 Op.7

1798 - Composes the Piano Sonata Op. 10 and the Violin Sonata Op.12. Neefe dies.

1799 - Composes Symphony No.1 and the Patetica Sonata Op. 14 and Op. 49/1

1800 - Composes the String Quartet Op. 18, the Septet Op.20, the Piano Concerto Op. 37 and the Prometheus Ballet.

1801 - Composes The Spring Sonata Op. 24 and the Piano Sonata Op.28. Giulietta Guicciardi becomes his pupil.

1802 - 6th and 10th of October - writes the Heiligenstadt Testament. Composes the variations for Eroica, the Op. 26 and 27 sonatas and the Symphony No.2

1803 - Composes the 3rd Piano Concerto Op. 37, the Kreutzer Sonata and Christus am Olberge. Works on the Eroica Symphony.

Best 5 Beethoven Books

  1. Beethoven: The Universal Composer by Edmund Morris; Eminent Lives (October 4, 2005).
  2. Beethoven by Maynard Solomon; 2nd Rev edition (September 1, 2001).
  3. Beethoven: The Music and the Life by Lewis Lockwood; W. W. Norton & Company; Reprint edition (January 30, 2005).
  4. Late Beethoven: Music, Thought, Imagination by Maynard Solomon; 1 edition (October 4, 2004).
  5. Beethoven as I Knew Him by Anton Felix Schindler; Dover Publications; n.e.of "Beethoven as I Knew Him: A Biography"edition (September 3, 1996).